Toome Labyrinth

MARTIN were appointed as subcontractor on a community project to develop a small area of unattractive ground in front of a series of commercial buildings in Toome.

A committee for the property secured funding from a number of public bodies to develop the area into an ‘oasis’ that could be enjoyed by the entire community. 

The primary elements of the work consisted of the following:

·         Removal and disposal of a large oak tree

·         Excavation and disposal of 240m3 of clay and topsoil

·         Supply and install 115m3 of consolidated stone subbase

·         Supply and place flexible surfacing and 1-3mm pea gravel in epoxy resin

·         Installation of pit and duct system for new lighting system

·         180m2 decorative paving and edging to form labyrinth paving


The centrepiece of the scheme is a buried time capsule, due to be opened in June 2062 with artefacts from the local community and schoolchildren locked inside.  The ceremonial lowering of the capsule was witnessed by a large community gathering with representatives from the wider community.  To seal the capsule, an engraved granite plinth was lowered into position showing the date when the capsule is to be reopened.

The scheme presented many challenges, but the most difficult was the setting out of the paving pattern.  When entering the Labyrinth, visitors are guided along a natural coloured pathway that winds back and forth throughout the entire paved surface until it reaches the centre stone overlying the time capsule.  The engraved stone provides a stunning centre-piece to this intricate paving scheme and many of the visitors stroll around its full length on a daily basis.



Client The Landscape Centre
Type JCT
Duration 4 Weeks

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