Starbucks and Car Park Alteration, Bloomfield Shopping Centre

Situated on the South Circular Road in Bangor Bloomfield is a thriving shopping centre and retail park. Housing over 48 retail units and with almost 1800 free car parking space which welcomes 10’s of thousands through its door each week the construction of a new Starbucks coffee pod and altering the layout of the front carpark was a challenging task to be undertaken.

Throughout the construction phase one of the main priorities to all involved was to cause minimal disruption to the shoppers visiting Bloomfield. Therefore when planning the phasing programme to the alterations to the front carpark the traffic and pedestrian management was the key to its success, along with ensuring the safety of those frequenting Bloomfields doors.

The site for the 264m2 Starbucks pod with drive through is located in the west side of the main carpark. It is a steel framed superstructure resting on concrete filled driven tubular steel piles and ring beamed floor slab with a mixture of curtain walling and fair faced block façade. The roof is a Kingspan topdeck flat roof system with an insulated wall cladding parapet detail to the top of the glazing of the curtain walling to the full extent of the building. There also was approximately 850m of service trench dug to install 520m of gas pipe, 490m of water pipe, 70m of mains power cabling and 150m of data and BT cabling to service the new pod.

The aim of the alterations to the front carpark was to divert the main traffic route away from the busy front doors. This was phased into 4 sections to ensure no more than 100 car parking spaces were out of action at any given time. The works involved the removal and construction of kerbed islands to form the new road layout, the resurfacings of about 50% of the front carpark, the installation of block pavers and steel bollards to form the new pedestrian zones and the landscaping of existing hedged areas removed during service installations to the pod.

Positive Feedback

Chris Stewart
Principal Designer/Project Manager Bruce Shaw.“Hi Everyone,
A big thankyou to you all for attending the PC meeting.
During the meeting I don’t think I was vocal enough in saying that I felt the project was managed very well on-site, considering the difficulties that are inherent with carrying our such disruptive works in a live shopping centre car park.
Well done to everyone especially those in Martins and also Bloomfield’s.
I look forward to working with you again in the future.”


Richard Hutchison, Ellandi“Quick email just to echo Chris Stewarts email in saying thank you to everyone – both to MARTIN and the rest of the project team – for the hard work in delivering the project, it was well run by all involved which I am very thankful for and managed very well on site which isn’t easy when you have tens of thousands of people a week using a car park you are trying to reconfigure / build on!”

Client EPISO Luxembourg
Location Bloomfield
Contract JCT Intermediate
Duration 14 Weeks